What we do

Since 2006, Loudoun Interfaith BRIDGES has developed a broad array of programs and activities serving the Loudoun community:


Loudoun Interfaith BRIDGES is back!
After a year of reorganizing, gathered all members and friends in a night of fun, food and friendship BRIDGES Interfaith Comedy Night.


Youth Mental Health Initiative

Twenty college and high school aged gathered March 5 at the ADAMS Center Qahwa Cafe as an initial focus group on the topic of Youth Mental Health. The young people from Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Hindu and Christian communities met and were energized by the discussion, as they shared their concerns about youth mental health in Loudoun County and how they might impact other youth with greater friendship and health. Named as they primary concern of the Loudoun Interfaith BRIDGES Board, it is hoped that a Youth Advisory Group will take shape to initiate grassroots, faith-based community efforts led by young people to make a difference.


Establishing Relationships to Build Social Trust

Organizing regional luncheons through out the county to build and bridge relationships between clergy, school principals and elected officials. These eight area luncheons which have collectively attracted community leaders to attend, seek to be local and small enough to create personal connections between these three groups of leaders. The hope is that such gatherings build greater social trust, bringing cooperation and collaboration between schools, faith communities and civic leaders. They are going fantastically! The partnership with Loudoun County Public Schools has been welcome.

BRIDGES also organizes the community in moments of crisis

BRIDGES also organizes the community in moments of crisis. When hate graffiti was scrawled on an empty store in South Riding, BRIDGES organized a Rally to show Loudoun as a place of welcoming and affirming values. Featuring Board of Supervisors’ Chair, Phyllis Randall, former Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, Sheriff Michael Chapman, NAACP President, Michelle Thomas and several other faith and civic leaders, the event gathered 200 people at the shopping center parking lot on a cold, December night. The event was covered by three of the four DC major network TV outlets as well as print media, who captured the true character of Loudoun as a diverse community that inclusively seeks the welfare of all peoples.

Annual Interfaith Picnic

100_3470This annual event held during the summer months is open to all BRIDGES members and guests. It is a well-attended event where our members gather to share a potluck meal and their life experiences in the service of forming new relationships. The picnic alternates between a western and eastern Loudoun location.

Interfaith Dialogues

Monthly Meetings

Each month, BRIDGES holds a monthly meeting featuring a topic of interest to the interfaith community. These meetings are hosted by our member congregations at various locations around Loudoun, and are open to all BRIDGES members and guests.

Martin Luther King Day Parade

BRIDGES is a co-sponsor of this annual event held in Leesburg, providing programming leadership and support.

Member Programming

Through our announcements and web postings, BRIDGES promotes programs and events of interest to the interfaith community that are offered independently by our members.